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Søma is like the transliteration for the ancient greek word "body."

There was a concept in the 1st century that a community is like a body. Every part of the body is unique and different. What makes each part unique and different is what makes the body work correctly. A body cannot be made up of only hands, or feet, or eyes, or ears etc. A body needs all of its parts to do anything.

A community is like a body. Each person in a community is unique and different. A community needs all of its people to do anything.

We are Trouper.

The Søma is our subscriber community. You can be a part of it. By subscribing to Trouper, you become a part of The Søma.Your support tells us that you resonate and connect with our music, which is a significant part of who we are. As a Søma subscriber, we know you have shared a moment with our music, you have felt it, you have related to a song, or a vibe, or a lyric and it has left a small mark on who you are. The Søma is a way for us to engage you in a more consistent and personal way.

You are the community, the body, the Søma that we want to hear from while we work on new music, have new designs we need opinions on, or if we are booking a tour and need help finding new places to perform. Be the first to know about music in the works, hear and comment on demos we're working on and share your thoughts, and a little bit of your life, with us, so we can share a little bit of our life with you. Basically, everything that we do as a band, we want you to be a part of.

We also want to give you exclusive access to Søma subscriber only merchandise and Søma subscriber only music.

So, if you're one of these people, if you feel you should be a part of the Søma, subscribe and support Trouper and the music we're making. You're support tells us that we've shared a music, life moment together, and that you believe we will have more together in the future.

Thank you for who you are,
Aaron, Nicholas & Max

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You’re a supporterThank you!
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Mansfield, Ohio

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